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Arbore Quebec – a photoshoot of visual content for social network platforms

I recently had the pleasure to photograph Caroline & Laurence from Arbore Quebec, two bloggers that decided to start up a business designed for everyone but specially to elevate women in the real estate industry. They offer tips on investments and created a group on facebook where women can exchange and ask questions. I can’t tell you how fun it was to photograph the multiple laughs we had during the session. I also went to photograph some content at one of their condos in St-Sauveur. They wanted to have some visual content for future posts on their social medias platform along with their future blog. They also got published in different medias such as Goss magazine, Hardbacon and more. This is exactly what I like to do for small / medium businesses, create strategic visual content!

I produced some lifestyle images, funny ones, others were more editorial and we created a few headshots (personal branding) for their image/business identity. Great visuals are very important in our era of online business. If you do not have professional content, it does not look professional for your brand. It should be an important part of your web/social media strategy and your budget! With Arbore we decided to mix a variety of styles because of the industry and the purpose of the visuals. But in general, I usually propose to stick to a style, whether it is with natural light versus studio light, color grading style respecting the brand. During our meeting of pre-production, we discuss all those details and we determine along with a mood board, what type of shots we will do. What to wear, how to fix hair and makeup during the shoot. We determine what will be the purpose of the images (which social medias platforms, is it for a website, a banner, a billboard, printing material, etc.). The size of the final image plays a huge role. Should you need a specific image to be printed for a booth, then you need a very high-resolution image with perfect retouching. If you want them to be on your website, you definitely need them in web resolution in order to not slow down your website and display properly on different screens (mobile, tablets, computers, etc.).

You need new imagery for your business? Give us a call or contact us, we will be more than happy to discuss what can be done for your business and align the visual strategy with your needs.

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