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Product photography for online businesses

Nowadays, your front store is your website & your social medias. Several companies closed their offices after the pandemic, resulting with less in-person social interaction. In general people just go directly to find you or your business online. And it goes quick.

First impression matters. Having good content is super important. Content is not only about wording, but the visuals. Posting for posting, is not a good idea, although younger generations tends to like watching all sort of shorts on social media.

When it comes to selling products, having nice photos really plays in the emotion generated to the potential customer to continue and grab in the cart the item. That's why, we love creating product photography for our customers. There are different type of photography that can be used for online publications or for printed material (more traditional marketing). I think the key is to have diversity for your content.

We worked on the visuals for Lima Eco, a Montreal based company that offers premium products online, for retails, wholesale and private labels along with their affiliate programme. The interesting part of this business is to create content for:

  • products online: on white background. These products can then be retouched in a way you can change the background.

  • social media content: a batch of different images (stock images personalized to your brand) that can be used for promotion, product awareness, regular content accros all channels. These stock images differ from lifestyle to more styled studio images.

In the case of Lima Eco, they have a variety of products that can used in your day to day, for well-being & relaxation, and they have a good concept behind the products. That allows us to integrate more ideas of photography in alliance with the strategy of their audience.

Did you know it takes around 10 seconds for a user to decide to stay or leave your site? Several studies demonstrate the decision is taken in the first seconds, based on how your site is structured, your white space and the content being attractive.

And then quality is the key. We strongly believe that quality images is one of the most important part that will influence the decision of your client to buy. If you have poor images, low quality, not the right lighting, improper staging, it will tell that you have not invested in your image, that will translate to your products and your sales.

For the smaller budgets, you can hire a photographer for coaching you on how to improve your day to day photography for your products. We often photograph a collection in studio or on site, but sometimes the business model requires daily new products distributed online, this is often too expensive to hire a photographer on a regular basis. So improving your skills is the key. Contact us for more information about our coach services.


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