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Branding your virtual background to look professional

Team meetings, zooms, google hangout, all these platform are part of our day to day to connect with colleagues, clients and partners. Who has witnessed this bad quality phone photo of a beach as a background or a low quality picture of your last Christmas with your cats? Because you have seen horrible things or sometimes funny / embarrassing things in these meetings since the beginning of the pandemic, does not excuse to have a bad image. It's a good opportunity to begin to be different and better on your business image.

A bad image is not only the photo behind you during the image, but also the behaviour. Ideally place your desk in a way that you have a wall behind you. Funny but certainly not professional is a high ranked person in the business that has his child trying to appear as a ghost in the background. You have seen worse? Not a reason to do it! Look professional and avoid any ghost in your meetings!

We do offer Virtual headshots / Personal Branding for remote employees. How it works? Very simple, we will go shoot a few nice shots of your physical business, your office, the view from your office. Then your employees are coming for a headshot on a special scheduled shoot day. We need to know how many employees to photograph in order to give you the most accurate quote. Each employee will have the opportunity to leave and choose their favorite image. We will make the combination of both, your office best shot and the employee. Should you want to be displayed live on your meeting, we will brand one image of your business with your logo in the upper corner, this image will look professional, your brand will be represented. The only thing we can't change, is your cat passing by in front of the camera. This is up to you to manage it!


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