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How to create a standout child model portfolio for a Model and Talent Agency

Getting in an artistic agency is not always easy as it is a very competitive business and the agencies are sometimes very demanding. You may be interested in having your child work on projects from catalogues, movies, television, commercials, flyers, brochures, various different print campaign, industrial videos, music videos or more. The desired models are not perfect cute kids for castings, it is really about the expression and the personality that will fit the character.

A good personality, special traits and a flexible schedule are the key to get into a Model & Talent Agency. Sometimes training is required in order to gain confidence and experience for roles.

In order to present the child to the Model and Talent Agency, you should have a professional photographer build a portfolio. Not only you will get beautiful images you can have for yourself and print in your home, the agency will have a standout child model portfolio with different styles of the child to present to their clients. Sometimes the agencies take the photos themselves, but in order to be selected, great images will make your candidacy standout. Visit the models portfolio.

I am a professional photographer in Montreal that has been creating model portfolios for children since over a decade. (See below different styles of different sessions for a client’s portfolio). Before the photo session, we determine what type of session should be done, sometimes the client prefers an outdoor session or a studio session. Both are very good options. We also discuss clothing, hair & makeup if applicable, and video & voice presentation if required. It is a valued investment and the agency will see a greater value in your portfolio then having cute images taken from your iPhone.

Contact my studio for more details and quotation!


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